Flags of countries starting with E

Flag Country Capital Population Total area
Flag of East Timor East Timor Dili 1,066,409 14,874 km2
Flag of Ecuador Ecuador Quito 15,699,200 283,561 km2
Flag of Egypt Egypt Cairo 86,127,000 980,869 km2
Flag of El Salvador El Salvador San Salvador 6,340,000 21,041 km2
Flag of Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea Malabo 736,296 28,051 km2
Flag of Eritrea Eritrea Asmara 6,333,000 117,600 km2
Flag of Estonia Estonia Tallinn 1,311,870 45,100 km2
Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia Addis Ababa 86,613,986 1,104,300 km2