Flags of countries starting with P

Flag Country Capital Population Total area
Flag of Pakistan Pakistan Islamabad 185,914,000 796,095 km2
Flag of Palau Palau Ngerulmud 20,901 459 km2
Flag of Panama Panama Panama City 3,405,813 75,517 km2
Flag of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Port Moresby 7,398,500 462,840 km2
Flag of Paraguay Paraguay Asunción 6,783,374 406,752 km2
Flag of People's Republic of China The People's Republic of China Beijing 1,363,350,000 9,640,820 km2
Flag of Peru Peru Lima 30,475,144 1,285,220 km2
Flag of Philippines The Philippines Manila 99,275,100 300,000 km2
Flag of Poland Poland Warsaw 38,502,396 312,685 km2
Flag of Portugal Portugal Lisbon 10,487,289 91,982 km2