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Flagpedia.net is an actively maintained and updated website with a goal to provide the best overview and source of flags of the world.

Flag images from this website are over 13 years widely used in news magazines, websites, software, mobile apps and master's thesis. One of excellent research with using Flagpedia.net as the main source is What is the most patriotic color on Time.com.

Author and the main maintainer of this website is David Krmela, founder of several educational websites and member of Czech Vexillological Society.

last update 4/2021

Included country flags

  • All 249 countries that are part of ISO 3166-1, the standard defining country codes
  • Kosovo with code XK that is not currently part of ISO 3166-1, but is temporary used by many organizations (IMF, SWIFT, European Commission)
  • Individual countries of the United Kingdom (ISO 3166-2:GB):
    • England GB-ENG
    • Northern Ireland GB-NIR
    • Scotland GB-SCT
    • Wales GB-WLS


Some countries have unofficial flags assigned. They are more frequently used than official flags and also correspond to emoji:

There are a few countries having the same flag as another country:


Flag images are based on vector files from Wikipedia Commons. We are automatically notified of changes done on Wikipedia and manually review them before processing.


Flag images are in the public domain (exempt from copyright). They are completely free for non-commercial and even commercial use. You can also download all flags.


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