Flag of Barbados 🇧🇧

Flag of Barbados

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Barbados 🇧🇧 was settled in the 17th century by the British, who founded sugar plantations cultivated by imported black slave population on the island. Sugarcane remained the main commodity even after the abolition of slavery in 1834. Extensive reforms did not take place until the 20th century and the island gained independence from Britain in 1960. And it is this moment that should be symbolized by the black trident separated from the shaft as a central theme of Barbadian flag, which was adopted in 1966. In colonial times, the flag bore a whole trident. Each peak of the trident reminds one democratic principle, two blue vertical stripes represent the sea and the sky, and the middle yellow stripe represents the sand.

Country information

Independent Yes
Country codes BB, BRB (ISO 3166-1)
Official name Barbados
Capital city Bridgetown
Continent North America
Member of United Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, Organization of American States, Caribbean Community
Population 287 025 (2019)
Total area 430 km2
Highest point Mount Hillaby (336 m, 1 102 ft)
Lowest point North Atlantic Ocean
GDP per capita $ 17 949 (World Bank, 2018)
Currency Barbadian dollar ($, BBD)
Calling code +1246
Internet TLD .bb

Country location