Flag of Botswana

Flag of Botswana

The flag of Botswana, which has been adopted in 1966 during the declaration of independence, is composed of a pale blue sheet, which bears a black horizontal stripe in its center. Moreover, the entire sheet and the stripe are bounded by a white trim. The symbolism of colors has several interpretations. One of them says that the flag has been inspired by a state symbol, whose motto is Pula (Setswana in the local language), which means "Let there be rain". Therefore, blue color should symbolize water, black and white stripes are supposed to commemorate zebra, the national animal of Botswana and also shield bearer. Three colors can also represent various ethnic groups living in the country and hope for their peaceful coexistence.

Country information

Independent Yes
Country codes BW, BWA (ISO 3166-1)
Official name Republic of Botswana
Capital city Gaborone
Continent Africa
Member of United Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, African Union, Southern African Development Community
Population 2 338 851 (2019)
Total area 581 730 km2
Highest point Otse Hill (1 491 m, 4 892 ft)
Lowest point Confluence of Limpopo River and Shashe River (513 m, 1 683 ft)
GDP per capita $ 8 259 (World Bank, 2018)
Currency Botswana pula (P, BWP)
Calling code +267
Internet TLD .bw

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