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Flag of Cyprus

The flag of Cyprus consists of a yellow silhouette of the island and two crossed branches on a white background. Yellow color evokes copper resources on the island, which are reflected even in the name “Cyprus” itself since it is derived from a Greek word for copper. Crossed branches should represent the desire for peaceful coexistence between Greek Cypriots and Turks inhabiting the island. Blue and red as the colors of the Greek and the Cypriot flags were not used on purpose. The current flag came into force in 1960 after gaining the independence over the Great Britain and it was designed by elementary school teacher and approved by the first president of Cyprus. The flag could have been replaced in 2004, but the proposal did not pass through referendum. Turkish Cypriots use their own flag, nevertheless it is not internationally recognized.

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Flag of Cyprus

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Flag of Cyprus

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Main information

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Country Cyprus
Capital city Nicosia
Continent Asia
Member of European Union
Population 865,878 (2012)
Total area 9,251 km2
Formation 16. 8. 1960
Highest point Mount Olympus (Cyprus) (1,951 m)
GDP $ 26,794 (IMF, 2012)
Currency euro (EUR)
Code CY (CYP)
Calling code +357
Internet TLD .cy

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Name of country in other languages

Czech Kypr (Nikósie)
English Cyprus (Nicosia)
German Zypern (Nikosia)
French Chypre (Nicosie)
Italian Cipro (Nicosia Sud)
Spanish Chipre (Nicosia)
Russian Кипр (Никосия)
Slovak Cyprus (Nikózia)
Polish Cypr (Nikozja)
Portuguese Chipre (Nicosia)
Chinese 賽普勒斯 (尼科西亚)
Japanese キプロス (ニコシア)
Turkish Kıbrıs Cumhuriyeti (Nicosia)
Norwegian Republikken Kypros (Nikosia)
Swedish Cypern (Nicosia)
Hungarian Ciprusi Köztársaság (Nicosia)
Dutch Cyprus (Nicosia)
Danish Cypern (Nicosia)
Finnish Kyproksen tasavalta (Nikosia)
Hebrew קפריסין (ניקוסיה)