🇬🇦 Flag of Gabon

Flag of Gabon

The current flag of Gabon has been adopted in 1960 when the country declared independence from France, and it is composed of three horizontal stripes from the top in green, yellow and blue colors. The flag should express solidarity with other independent African states - the first two bands were taken from the flag of Etiopia, but also referes to formes ties to France as Gabon´s colonizer (blue bar). Green stripe symbolizes the Gabonese forest and timber industry, yellow stripe stands for the local sharp sun and the zero parallel, which passes through the country. Blue bar represents the Atlantic Ocean, which washes the western shores of the country, as well as all waters of the country, especially the river Ogooué.

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Flag of Gabon

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Flag of Gabon

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Main information

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Country Gabon
Capital city Libreville
Continent Africa
Population 1,672,000 (2013)
Total area 267,668 km2
Formation 17. 8. 1960
Highest point Mont Bengoué (1,070 m)
GDP $ 18,051 (IMF, 2012)
Currency central african cfa franc (XAF)
Code GA (GAB)
Calling code +241
Internet TLD .ga

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Name of country in other languages

Czech Gabon (Libreville)
English Gabon (Libreville)
German Gabun (Libreville)
French Gabon (Libreville)
Italian Gabon (Libreville)
Spanish Gabón (Libreville)
Russian Габон (Либревиль)
Slovak Gabon (Libreville)
Polish Gabon (Libreville)
Portuguese Gabão (Libreville)
Chinese 加蓬 (利伯维尔)
Japanese ガボン (リーブルビル)
Turkish Gabon (Libreville)
Norwegian Gabon (Libreville)
Swedish Gabon (Libreville)
Hungarian Gabon (Libreville)
Dutch Gabon (Libreville)
Danish Gabon (Libreville)
Finnish Gabon (Libreville)
Hebrew גבון (ליברוויל)