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Flag of Iceland

The flag of Iceland followed the example of the other Scandinavian countries and consists of a blue background bearing a red cross, which is embedded in the traditional white Scandinavian cross. The blue color is supposed to represent omnipresent Atlantic Ocean, the red lava and Icelandic volcanoes, and the white stands for another Icelandic natural landmarks - glaciers and geysers. The red cross also points to the historical ties with Denmark, that dominated Iceland since the 14th century. Iceland adopted the flag in 1918, when it won the statute of the autonomous territory of Denmark. However, the flag did not became official national flag until 1944, when Iceland became a fully independent.

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Flag of Iceland

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Flag of Iceland

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Main information

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Country Iceland
Capital city Reykjavík
Continent Europe
Member of NATO
Population 325,671 (2013)
Total area 103,000 km2
Formation 1. 12. 1918
Highest point Hvannadalshnjúkur (Hvannadalshnúkur) (2,110 m)
GDP $ 39,718 (IMF, 2012)
Currency icelandic króna (ISK)
Code IS (ISL)
Calling code +354
Internet TLD .is

Where the country is

Name of country in other languages

Czech Island (Reykjavík)
English Iceland (Reykjavík)
German Island (Reykjavík)
French Islande (Reykjavik)
Italian Islanda (Reykjavík)
Spanish Islandia (Reykjavík)
Russian Исландия (Рейкьявик)
Slovak Island (Reykjavík)
Polish Islandia (Reykjavík)
Portuguese Islândia (Reykjavík)
Chinese 冰岛 (雷克雅未克)
Japanese アイスランド (レイキャビク)
Turkish İzlanda (Reykjavik)
Norwegian Island (Reykjavík)
Swedish Island (Reykjavik)
Hungarian Izland (Reykjavík)
Dutch IJsland (Reykjavik)
Danish Island (Reykjavik)
Finnish Islanti (Reykjavík)
Hebrew איסלנד (רייקיאוויק)