Flag of Jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡²

Flag of Jamaica

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The flag of Jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡² was adopted in 1962, when the country gained independence. Jamaica, which was a British colony for centuries, had a role of center of trade with slaves. After the abolition of slavery in 1838, a violent coup took place and as a result, Jamaica is characterized by social problems and high criminality till nowadays. The flag was chosen in a public tender and it should reflect the turbulent Jamaican history. The version with horizontal stripes was rejected for being too similar to the flag of former Republic of Tanganika. Pan-African colors of black, green and yellow were thus situated to the form of Saint AndrewΒ΄s Cross and it should express a motto: "Hardships there are but the land is green and the sun shineth". Yellow color represents the sun, black stands for difficulties and green means the land.

Country information

Independent Yes
Country codes JM, JAM (ISO 3166-1)
Official name Jamaica
Capital city Kingston
Continent North America
Member of United Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, Organization of American States, Caribbean Community
Population 2Β 726Β 667 (2018)
Total area 10Β 991 km2
Highest point Blue Mountain Peak (2Β 256 m, 7Β 402 ft)
Lowest point Caribbean Sea
GDP per capita $ 5Β 354 (World Bank, 2018)
Currency Jamaican dollar ($, JMD)
Calling code +1876
Internet TLD .jm

Country location