🇰🇬 Flag of Kyrgyzstan

Flag of Kyrgyzstan

The flag of Kyrgyzstan is composed of a red leaf and a yellow symbol resembling the sun. The sun has 40 rays that represent 40 tribes living in the country. In the middle of the sun, there is a strange pattern that is supposed to remind a ceiling of a yurt - a traditional dwelling of the local steppe people. The red leaf probably originated from the red banner of Manase, national hero who united all the tribes into one state. Golden sun symbolizes peace and wealth, yurt stands for fraternity between nations and tribes in the country. The flag has not been adopted until 1992 - quite a long time after the collapse of the Soviet Union and a half year after proclaiming independence.

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Flag of Kyrgyzstan

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Flag of Kyrgyzstan

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Main information

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Country Kyrgyzstan
Capital city Bishkek
Continent Asia
Population 5,663,133 (2013)
Total area 199,900 km2
Formation 31. 8. 1991
Highest point Jengish Chokusu (7,439 m)
GDP $ 2,351 (IMF, 2012)
Currency kyrgyzstani som (KGS)
Code KG (KGZ)
Calling code +996
Internet TLD .kg

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Name of country in other languages

Czech Kyrgyzstán (Biškek)
English Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)
German Kirgisistan (Bischkek)
French Kirghizistan (Bichkek)
Italian Kirghizistan (Bishkek)
Spanish Kirguistán (Biskek)
Russian Киргизия (Бишкек)
Slovak Kirgizsko (Biškek)
Polish Kirgistan (Biszkek)
Portuguese Quirguistão (Bishkek)
Chinese 吉尔吉斯斯坦 (比什凯克)
Japanese キルギス (ビシュケク)
Turkish Kırgızistan (Bişkek)
Norwegian Kirgisistan (Bishkek)
Swedish Kirgizistan (Bisjkek)
Hungarian Kirgizisztán (Biskek)
Dutch Kirgizië (Bisjkek)
Danish Kirgisistan (Bisjkek)
Finnish Kirgisia (Biškek)
Hebrew קירגיזסטן (בישקק)