🇱🇺 Flag of Luxembourg

Flag of Luxembourg

The flag of Luxembourg is composed of a red-white-blue tricolor in a horizontal form. Luxembourg created a personal union with the Netherlands in the 19th century, as a result, their flags are very similar. However, the blue stripe of Luxembourg´s flag is lighter and the ratio of sides is different as well. Luxembourg was a long time under the Habsburgs rule and it did not achieved independence until 1867, although it was officially declared the Grand Duchy at the Congress of Vienna in 1815 already. The flag was adopted in 1972 and the colors of the tricolor were taken from the coat of arms of the Grand Duchy, which depicts a red two-tailed lion on a red and blue background.

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Flag of Luxembourg

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Flag of Luxembourg

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Main information

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Country Luxembourg
Capital city Luxembourg City
Continent Europe
Member of European Union, NATO
Population 537,000 (2012)
Total area 2,586 km2
Formation 1. 1. 1839
Highest point Kneiff (560 m)
GDP $ 77,958 (IMF, 2012)
Currency euro (EUR)
Code LU (LUX)
Calling code +352
Internet TLD .lu

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Name of country in other languages

Czech Lucembursko (Luxemburg)
English Luxembourg (Luxembourg City)
German Luxemburg (Luxemburg)
French Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Italian Lussemburgo (Lussemburgo)
Spanish Luxemburgo (Luxemburgo)
Russian Люксембург (Люксембург)
Slovak Luxembursko (Luxemburg)
Polish Luksemburg (Luksemburg)
Portuguese Luxemburgo (Cidade do Luxemburgo)
Chinese 卢森堡 (卢森堡市)
Japanese ルクセンブルク (ルクセンブルク)
Turkish Lüksemburg (Lüksemburg)
Norwegian Luxembourg (Luxembourg by)
Swedish Luxemburg (Luxemburg)
Hungarian Luxemburg (Luxembourg)
Dutch Luxemburg (Luxemburg)
Danish Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Finnish Luxemburg (Luxemburg)
Hebrew לוקסמבורג (לוקסמבורג סיטי)