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Flag of Malta

The flag of Malta consists of two vertical stripes of white and red color, and a cross of St. George lined with red at the top of the left side of the flag. Cross with an inscription "FOR GALLANTRY" was given to Malta by the British as an honor for resilience during the bombing by a German-Italian troops during the World War II. The flag was officially adopted after gaining the independence in 1964, and its design is probably derived from the flag of the Norman Hauteville House, which conquered Malta in the late 11th century. Allegedly, Count Roger of Hauteville gave snipping of their flag to Maltese when leaving to Normandy. Progressively, the flag overtook the role of national flag.

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Flag of Malta

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Flag of Malta

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Main information

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Country Malta
Capital city Valletta
Continent Europe
Member of European Union
Population 416,055 (2011)
Total area 316 km2
Formation 21. 9. 1964
Highest point Ta'Dmejrek (253 m)
GDP $ 26,857 (IMF, 2012)
Currency euro (EUR)
Code MT (MLT)
Calling code +356
Internet TLD .mt

Where the country is

Name of country in other languages

Czech Malta (Valletta)
English Malta (Valletta)
German Malta (Valletta)
French Malte (La Valette)
Italian Malta (La Valletta)
Spanish Malta (La Valeta)
Russian Мальта (Валлетта)
Slovak Malta (Valletta)
Polish Malta (Valletta)
Portuguese Malta (Valletta)
Chinese 马耳他 (瓦莱塔)
Japanese マルタ (バレッタ)
Turkish Malta (Valletta)
Norwegian Malta (Valletta)
Swedish Malta (Valletta)
Hungarian Málta (Valletta)
Dutch Malta (Valletta)
Danish Malta (Valletta)
Finnish Malta (Valletta)
Hebrew מלטה (ולטה)