Flag of Mauritania

Flag of Mauritania

The flag of Mauritania consists of a green leaf with a yellow crescent bearing a yellow five-pointed star. The flag has both traditional African and Islamic symbolism - yellow and green are the traditional Arabic colors and green together with the crescent moon and the star are of importance for the Muslim majority in Mauritania. The country was dominated by the Berber nomads from the 11th century, thus became a center of Muslim faith, which was spread throughout North Africa from here. In the 16th century, Berbers were defeated by the Arabs, who ruled Mauritania until the 20th century, when the French overtook the control. The current flag has been adopted in 1959, when the country gained independence from France.

Country information

Independent Yes
Country codes MR, MRT (ISO 3166-1)
Official name Islamic Republic of Mauritania
Capital city Nouakchott
Continent Africa
Member of United Nations, African Union, Arab League, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
Population 4 077 347 (2019)
Total area 1 030 700 km2
Highest point Kediet ej Jill (915 m, 3 002 ft)
Lowest point Sebkha de Ndrhamcha (-5 m, -16 ft)
GDP per capita $ 1 189 (World Bank, 2018)
Currency Mauritanian ouguiya (UM, MRU)
Calling code +222
Internet TLD .mr

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