🇲🇩 Flag of Moldova

Flag of Moldova

The flag of Moldova consists of a vertical tricolor of blue, yellow and red stripes. This base is identical to the flag of Romania, however, in the middle of the yellow stripe, a Moldovan national emblem is placed. It depicts a golden eagle holding a golden cross in its beak, an olive branch in one talon and a scepter in the other. The eagle holds a shield where a bison's head is displayed - it should denote strength, independence and pride of the Moldovan nation. Until 2010, the national emblem was used on the face side of the flag only, so the flag of Moldova belonged to the few flags with different sides. At the present time, there is a mirror version of national emblem on the reverse side.

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Flag of Moldova

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Flag of Moldova

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Main information

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Country Moldova
Capital city Chisinau
Continent Europe
Population 3,559,500 (2013)
Total area 33,851 km2
Formation 27. 8. 1991
Highest point Dealul Bălăneşti (430 m)
GDP $ 3,378 (IMF, 2012)
Currency moldovan leu (MDL)
Code MD (MDA)
Calling code +373
Internet TLD .md

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Name of country in other languages

Czech Moldavsko (Kišiněv)
English Moldova (Chisinau)
German Moldawien (Republik Moldau) (Chişinău)
French Moldavie (Chisinau)
Italian Moldavia (Chişinău)
Spanish Moldavia (Chişinău)
Russian Молдавия (Кишинёв)
Slovak Moldavsko (Kišiňov)
Polish Mołdawia (Kiszyniów)
Portuguese Moldávia (Chisinau)
Chinese 摩尔多瓦 (基希讷乌)
Japanese モルドバ (キシナウ)
Turkish Moldova (Chisinau)
Norwegian Moldova (Chisinau)
Swedish Moldavien (Chișinău)
Hungarian Moldova (Chișinău)
Dutch Moldavië (Chisinau)
Danish Moldova (Chișinău)
Finnish Moldova (Chișinău)
Hebrew מולדובה (קישינב)