🇳🇿 Flag of New Zealand

Flag of New Zealand

At first sight, the flag of New Zealand reflects its colonial past. Both Union Jack flag in the upper left corner and the blue background point to former ties to the Great Britain. Four red stars with white framing symbolize a constellation of the Southern Cross, which dominates the sky there. The same motif can be found on the Australian flag, so it highlights the fact that both countries are located in the Pacific Ocean in mutual geographic proximity. Officially, the blue color expresses blue sea and clear sky in the vicinity of New Zealand. The flag was adopted on 24th March 1902, but it was already designed as a naval flag in 1869.

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Flag of New Zealand

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Flag of New Zealand

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Main information

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Country New Zealand
Capital city Wellington
Continent Oceania
Population 4,518,330 (2014)
Total area 270,534 km2
Formation 26. 9. 1907
Highest point Aoraki/Mount Cook (3,754 m)
GDP $ 29,481 (IMF, 2012)
Currency new zealand dollar (NZD)
Code NZ (NZL)
Calling code +64
Internet TLD .nz

Where the country is

Name of country in other languages

Czech Nový Zéland (Wellington)
English New Zealand (Wellington)
German Neuseeland (Wellington)
French Nouvelle-Zélande (Wellington)
Italian Nuova Zelanda (Wellington)
Spanish Nueva Zelanda (Wellington)
Russian Новая Зеландия (Веллингтон)
Slovak Nový Zéland (Wellington)
Polish Nowa Zelandia (Wellington)
Portuguese Nova Zelândia (Wellington)
Chinese 新西兰 (惠灵顿)
Japanese ニュージーランド (ウェリントン)
Turkish Yeni Zelanda (Wellington)
Norwegian New Zealand (Wellington)
Swedish Nya Zeeland (Wellington)
Hungarian Új-Zéland (Wellington)
Dutch Nieuw-Zeeland (Wellington)
Danish New Zealand (Wellington)
Finnish Uusi-Seelanti (Wellington)
Hebrew ניו זילנד (ולינגטון)