Flag of San Marino

Flag of San Marino

The flag of a tiny mountainous state San Marino consists of two horizontal stripes - white one at the top and blue one at the bottom. At the borderline of these stripes, a national coat of arms, which consists of a shield depicting three towers that are decorated with ostrich feathers on their tops, is located. Three towers - Guita, Cesta and Montale, are real dominants of the rocky fortress San Marino. Moreover, a gold crown which is meant to symbolize the independence and sovereignty of the country is erected above the shield. Below the shield, a ribbon bearing an inscription "Libertas" ("Freedom") is placed. Allegedly, San Marino was founded in 301 AD, so is the oldest republic in the world.

Country information

Independent Yes
Country codes SM, SMR (ISO 3166-1)
Official name Most Serene Republic of San Marino
Capital city City of San Marino
Continent Europe
Member of United Nations
Population 33 574 (2019)
Total area 61 km2
Highest point Monte Titano (755 m, 2 477 ft)
Lowest point Ausa River (55 m, 180 ft)
GDP per capita $ 48 495 (World Bank, 2017)
Currency Euro (€, EUR)
Calling code +378
Internet TLD .sm

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