Flag of Somalia 🇸🇴

Flag of Somalia

The flag of Somalia 🇸🇴, which has been adopted by southern Somalia in 1954, consists of a light blue sheet with a white five-pointed star in its center. The blue color refers to the United Nations, which managed part of Somalia for many years. Each tip of the star represents one of the areas where Somalis live today. These areas are: Northern and southern Somalia, northern Kenya, southern Ethiopia and Djibouti. The flag has been adopted in the period of the Italian governance and its layout is reminiscent of the Vietnamese flag. The white color of the star also indicates peace and prosperity, and its symbolism is of great importance for Somalia as a country ravaged by a series of wars and coups.

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Main information

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Country Somalia
Capital city Mogadishu
Continent Africa
Population 10,496,000 (2013)
Total area 637,657 km2
Formation 1. 7. 1960
Highest point Shimbiris (2,450 m)
Currency somali shilling (SOS)
Code SO (SOM)
Calling code +252
Internet TLD .so

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