🇸🇨 Flag of Seychelles

Flag of Seychelles

The flag of Seychelles has been adopted in 1996 and it consists of five rays expanding from the lower corner of the left part of the flag. The color sequence of the stripes is from left to right as follows: blue, yellow, red, white, and green. These colors are meant to symbolize a fresh and courageous approach of this young country towards the future. The blue color represents the sea and the sky and yellow stands for local sharp sun rays. Red symbolizes the people and their determination to work hard for the country's future. White traditionally represents harmony and social justice and green earth and the environment. The color spectrum also contains colors of every Seychelles political party.

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Flag of Seychelles

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Flag of Seychelles

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Main information

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Country Seychelles
Capital city Victoria
Continent Africa
Population 90,945 (2010)
Total area 455 km2
Formation 29. 6. 1976
Highest point Morne Seychellois (905 m)
GDP $ 24,989 (IMF, 2012)
Currency seychellois rupee (SCR)
Code SC (SYC)
Calling code +248
Internet TLD .sc

Where the country is

Name of country in other languages

Czech Seychely (Victoria)
English Seychelles (Victoria)
German Seychellen (Victoria)
French Seychelles (Victoria)
Italian Seychelles (Port Victoria)
Spanish Seychelles (Victoria)
Russian Сейшельские острова (Виктория)
Slovak Seychely (Victoria)
Polish Seszele (Victoria)
Portuguese Seychelles (Vitória)
Chinese 塞舌尔 (维多利亚)
Japanese セーシェル (ビクトリア)
Turkish Seyşeller (Victoria)
Norwegian Seychellene (Victoria)
Swedish Seychellerna (Victoria)
Hungarian Seychelle-szigetek (Victoria)
Dutch Seychellen (Victoria)
Danish Seychellerne (Victoria)
Finnish Seychellit (Victoria)
Hebrew סיישל (ויקטוריה)