🇸🇧 Flag of Solomon Islands

Flag of Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands lie in the eastern direction from New Guinea and to the west from the shores of Australia. The flag of the archipelago is composed of blue and green sections, where the fields are separated by a yellow diagonal stripe. In the upper left part of the blue box, a white five-pointed stars are located. The islands have not been colonized until the 19th century, but it eventually came under the British-German domination. In 1920, Australian ruled the islands and Solomon Islands have become independent in 1977. A year after, the current national flag has been adopted. The stars denote five island territories; blue represents the ocean, yellow the local bright sun and green fertile land.

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Flag of Solomon Islands

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Flag of Solomon Islands

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Main information

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Country Solomon Islands
Capital city Honiara
Continent Oceania
Population 581,344 (2013)
Total area 28,896 km2
Formation 7. 7. 1978
Highest point Mount Popomanaseu (2,335 m)
GDP $ 3,288 (IMF, 2012)
Currency solomon islands dollar (SBD)
Code SB (SLB)
Calling code +677
Internet TLD .sb

Where the country is

Name of country in other languages

Czech Šalamounovy ostrovy (Honiara)
English Solomon Islands (Honiara)
German Salomonen (Honiara)
French Îles Salomon (Honiara)
Italian Isole Salomone (Honiara)
Spanish Islas Salomón (Honiara)
Russian Соломоновы острова (Хониара)
Slovak Šalamúnove ostrovy (Honiara)
Polish Wyspy Salomona (Honiara)
Portuguese Ilhas Salomão (Honiara)
Chinese 所罗门群岛 (霍尼亚拉)
Japanese ソロモン諸島 (ホニアラ)
Turkish Solomon Adaları (Honiara)
Norwegian Salomonøyene (Honiara)
Swedish Salomonöarna (Honiara)
Hungarian Salamon-szigetek (Honiara)
Dutch Salomonseilanden (Honiara)
Danish Salomonøerne (Honiara)
Finnish Salomonsaaret (Honiara)
Hebrew איי שלמה (הוניארה)