🇹🇳 Flag of Tunisia

Flag of Tunisia

The flag of Tunisia was adopted in 1835 and it has not changed much since then. Red leaf bears the traditional symbols of Islam - red crescent and five-pointed star in a white circle, which is meant to symbolize the sun. These symbols also point to the historical ties to the Ottoman Empire. The flag may resemble a flag of Turkey as Tunisia was for several centuries dominated by Turkish, though the moon and stars have a white color in case of Turkish flag. Also, there is no white circle. The flag in this form (with slight modifications), exists from the 19th century approximately, so it endured the period of French domination up to gaining the independence in 1956.

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Flag of Tunisia

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Flag of Tunisia

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Main information

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Country Tunisia
Capital city Tunis
Continent Africa
Population 10,886,500 (2013)
Total area 163,610 km2
Formation 20. 3. 1956
Highest point Jebel ech Chambi (1,544 m)
GDP $ 9,650 (IMF, 2012)
Currency tunisian dinar (TND)
Code TN (TUN)
Calling code +216
Internet TLD .tn

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Name of country in other languages

Czech Tunisko (Tunis)
English Tunisia (Tunis)
German Tunesien (Tunis)
French Tunisie (Tunis)
Italian Tunisia (Tunisi)
Spanish Túnez (Túnez)
Russian Тунис (Тунис)
Slovak Tunisko (Tunis)
Polish Tunezja (Tunis)
Portuguese Tunísia (Tunis)
Chinese 突尼西亞 (突尼斯)
Japanese チュニジア (チュニス)
Turkish Tunus (Tunus)
Norwegian Tunisia (Tunis)
Swedish Tunisien (Tunis)
Hungarian Tunézia (Tunisz)
Dutch Tunesië (Tunis)
Danish Tunesien (Tunis)
Finnish Tunisia (Tunis)
Hebrew תוניסיה (תוניס)