Flag of Armenia 🇦🇲

Flag of Armenia

The flag of Armenia 🇦🇲, which has been adopted in 1990, consists of three horizontal stripes - red, dark blue, and mustard yellow one. It differs from the flag that had been used until 1920 only by the aspect ratio. Allegedly, the red color represents the blood shed by Armenian soldiers, blue stands for the sky and hope and orange represents the fertile land and Armenian population. Armenia has been the first Christian state, this religion has been adopted in the 4th century. Historically, Armenia was part of several groupings - firstly it was Roman, Byzantine and later Arabic, Persian and Ottoman Empire. The last intervention to the autonomy of the state was an annexation by the Soviet Union in the 20th century.

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Main information

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Country Armenia
Capital city Yerevan
Continent Asia
Population 3,017,400 (2013)
Total area 29,800 km2
Formation 21. 9. 1991
Highest point Mount Aragats (4,090 m)
GDP $ 5,924 (IMF, 2012)
Currency armenian dram (AMD)
Code AM (ARM)
Calling code +374
Internet TLD .am

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