Embed Flag of Bhutan over CDN (HTTP API)

Images of flag of Bhutan for embedding on your website or for programmatically download to keep flag in your projects up-to-date.

  • completely free service over secure and fast HTTP2 CDN Cloudflare
  • based on vector file from Wikipedia Commons
  • PNG, WebP, SVG (best lossless compression) or JPEG (100% quality)
  • we appreciate backlink to https://flagpedia.net
  • PNG
  • WebP
  • SVG
  • JPEG
  • Example waving aspect ratio 4:3 for all flag icons
  • Example original same width for all flag icons
  • Example original same height for all flag icons

Available sizes

Embed on your website

  srcset="https://flagcdn.com/32x24/bt.png 2x,
    https://flagcdn.com/48x36/bt.png 3x

Download programmatically

https://flagcdn.com Our free service /16x12 Size /bt ISO 3166 country code .png

List of codes with names in JSON (countries, U.S. states, EU & UN)

https://flagcdn.com Our free service/en Language/codes.json

For an interactive way of finding the right flag size, go to download icon of flag of Bhutan.