Embed Flag of British Virgin Islands over CDN (HTTP API)

Images of flag of British Virgin Islands for embedding on your website or for programmatically download to keep flag in your projects up-to-date.

  • completely free service over secure and fast HTTP2 CDN Cloudflare
  • based on vector file from Wikipedia Commons
  • PNG, WebP, SVG (best lossless compression) or JPEG (100% quality)
  • we appreciate backlink to https://flagpedia.net
  • PNG
  • WebP
  • SVG
  • JPEG
  • Example waving aspect ratio 4:3 for all flag icons
  • Example original same width for all flag icons
  • Example original same height for all flag icons

Available sizes

Embed on your website

  srcset="https://flagcdn.com/32x24/vg.png 2x,
    https://flagcdn.com/48x36/vg.png 3x
  alt="British Virgin Islands">

Download programmatically

https://flagcdn.com Our free service /16x12 Size /vg ISO 3166 country code .png

List of codes with names in JSON (countries, U.S. states, EU & UN)

https://flagcdn.com Our free service/en Language/codes.json

For an interactive way of finding the right flag size, go to download icon of flag of British Virgin Islands.