🇨🇱 Flag of Chile

Flag of Chile

Chilean flag bears the colors of flag of the United States and it has origins in the period of struggles for liberation in 1817. The flag is composed of red and white horizontal stripes, and a blue square with a white five-pointed star in the upper left part of the flag. White should symbolize, like the name of the country itself (Tchili means snow in the local language), the snowy peaks of the Andes. The blue represents the sky beneath which blood was shed during the local struggles for independence. These fights are reminded by the red stripe. The origin of the star is associated with the Chilean Indians - its white color allegedly represents the unity and freedom of the nation, and the five points represent the five original provinces of the country.

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Flag of Chile

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Flag of Chile

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Main information

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Country Chile
Capital city Santiago
Continent South America
Population 16,341,929 (2012)
Total area 756,096 km2
Formation 18. 9. 1810
Highest point Ojos del Salado (6,893 m)
GDP $ 18,211 (IMF, 2012)
Currency chilean peso (CLP)
Code CL (CHL)
Calling code +56
Internet TLD .cl

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Name of country in other languages

Czech Chile (Santiago de Chile)
English Chile (Santiago)
German Chile (Santiago de Chile)
French Chili (Santiago)
Italian Cile (Santiago)
Spanish Chile (Santiago de Chile)
Russian Чили (Сантьяго)
Slovak Čile (Santiago)
Polish Chile (Santiago)
Portuguese Chile (Santiago)
Chinese 智利 (圣地亚哥)
Japanese チリ (サンティアゴ)
Turkish Şili (Santiago)
Norwegian Chile (Santiago)
Swedish Chile (Santiago de Chile)
Hungarian Chile (Santiago de Chile)
Dutch Chili (Santiago)
Danish Chile (Santiago de Chile)
Finnish Chile (Santiago de Chile)
Hebrew צ'ילה (סנטיאגו דה צ'ילה)