Flag of Peru 🇵🇪

Flag of Peru

The flag of Peru 🇵🇪 consists of three horizontal stripes, where the side ones are red and the middle one is white. In the center of the white stripe, a shield taken from the national character that was designed before 1825 by José Georgiou Parades is placed. The shield is divided into three fields, where the first one depicts vicuna – a national animal of Peru belonging to the same family as camel does. Next to vicuna, there is a portrait of cinchona tree, from which alkaloid quinine, which is used to cure malaria, is extracted. At the bottom of the coat of arms, a horn full of coins that should point to the mineral wealth of the country is displayed.

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Main information

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Country Peru
Capital city Lima
Continent South America
Population 30,475,144 (2013)
Total area 1,285,220 km2
Formation 28. 7. 1821
Highest point Huascarán (6,768 m)
GDP $ 10,596 (IMF, 2012)
Currency peruvian nuevo sol (PEN)
Code PE (PER)
Calling code +51
Internet TLD .pe

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