Flag of Mongolia 🇲🇳

Flag of Mongolia

The flag of Mongolia 🇲🇳, which has been adopted in 1992, is composed of three vertical stripes, where the middle one is blue and the other two are red. In the left red stripe, a yellow ideogram called sojombo, which is connected with ancient symbolism resulting from Buddhist traditions, is placed. The upper part of the symbol is made up of three flames, which should refer to the past, present and the future. The moon and sun symbols represent the idea of the world and eternity. Another symbol included in sojombo is yin and yang - a traditional Buddhist symbol of harmony of the opposites, which is portrayed by two endlessly outrunning fish. The two rectangles on the sides of sojombo represent a wall, which according to the Mongolian saying represents a friendship that is stronger than any stone wall.

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Main information

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Country Mongolia
Capital city Ulaanbaatar
Continent Asia
Population 2,931,300 (2013)
Total area 1,564,120 km2
Formation 11. 7. 1921
Highest point Khüiten Peak (Huyten Orgil) (4,374 m)
GDP $ 5,314 (IMF, 2012)
Currency mongolian tögrög (MNT)
Code MN (MNG)
Calling code +976
Internet TLD .mn

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