🇸🇸 Flag of South Sudan

Flag of South Sudan

The flag of South Sudan is one of the youngest flags, since the state itself has not been formed until 2011. The flag consists of three horizontal stripes in black, red and green colors and a blue wedge on the left side of the flag. The stripes are separated by narrower white stripes and in the center of the wedge, there is a yellow five-pointed star. Originally, the flag was a symbol of the Sudanese People's Liberation Army and after the signing of the General Peace agreement and termination of the second civil war, it has been adopted as a national flag. The black color represents the Sudanese nation, red stands for the blood shed during the war for freedom, green signifies fertility of the local land and blue stands for the river Nile. The yellow star symbolizes the unity of the nations under South Sudan.

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Flag of South Sudan

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Flag of South Sudan

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Main information

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Country South Sudan
Capital city Juba
Continent Africa
Population 10,625,176 (2012)
Total area 644,329 km2
Formation 9. 7. 2011
Highest point Kinyeti (3,187 m)
GDP $ 2,030 (IMF, 2013)
Currency south sudanese pound (SSP)
Code SS (SSD)
Calling code +211
Internet TLD .ss

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Name of country in other languages

Czech Jižní Súdán (Džuba)
English South Sudan (Juba)
German Südsudan (Juba)
French Soudan du Sud (Djouba)
Italian Sudan del Sud (Giuba)
Spanish Sudán del Sur (Yuba)
Russian Южный Судан (Джуба)
Slovak Južný Sudán (Juba)
Polish Sudan Południowy (Dżuba)
Portuguese Sudão do Sul (Juba)
Chinese 南蘇丹 (朱巴)
Japanese 南スーダン (ジュバ)
Turkish Güney Sudan (Cuba)
Norwegian Sør-Sudan (Juba)
Swedish Sydsudan (Juba)
Hungarian Dél-Szudán (Juba)
Dutch Zuid-Soedan (Djoeba)
Danish Sydsudan (Juba)
Finnish Etelä-Sudan (Juba)
Hebrew דרום סודאן (ג'ובה)