Flag of United Arab Emirates

Flag of United Arab Emirates

The flag of the United Arab Emirates is drawn in unusually arranged pan-Arab colors which should symbolize the unity among Arab nations. It consists of three horizontal stripes in green, white, and black colors. Moreover, the left part of the flag is lined with a red vertical stripe. Red is the color of Khawarijs and the white stripe has its origins in the period after 1820, when a maritime agreement with Britain was signed. Among others, the agreement stated that every member country ship was obliged to put on its flag a white stripe so that their ships can be distinguished from the pirate’s ships. The country had been fragmented for a long time and the Arab Emirates were not unified until 1971, when the national flag has been adopted.

Country information

Independent Yes
Country codes AE, ARE (ISO 3166-1)
Official name United Arab Emirates
Capital city Abu Dhabi
Continent Asia
Member of United Nations, Gulf Cooperation Council, Arab League, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, OPEC
Population 9 770 529 (2019)
Total area 83 600 km2
Highest point Jabal Al Jais (1 910 m, 6 266 ft)
Lowest point Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman
GDP per capita $ 43 005 (World Bank, 2018)
Currency United Arab Emirates dirham (د.إ, AED)
Calling code +971
Internet TLD .ae, امارات.

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