🇸🇦 Flag of Saudi Arabia

Flag of Saudi Arabia

The flag of Saudi Arabia consists of a green background where an inscription in Arabic "There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet" and a sword pointing to the left side of the flag are located. When the flag is raised, two flags have to be sewn together, so that the inscription is readable from both sides and that the sword is always pointing in the desired direction. The sword should commemorate the unification of the Kingdom in the 12th century, which took place under the leadership of Ibn Saud. The green color is traditionally associated with Islam, but primarily it is the color of Wanhabs and Sunnis. It is interesting that it is forbidden to lower the flag to half-mast under the threat of criminal prosecution for insulation of Islam.

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Flag of Saudi Arabia

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Flag of Saudi Arabia

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Main information

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Country Saudi Arabia
Capital city Riyadh
Continent Asia
Member of OPEC
Population 29,994,272 (2013)
Total area 2,149,690 km2
Formation 23. 9. 1932
Highest point unclear (3,000 m)
GDP $ 30,477 (IMF, 2012)
Currency saudi riyal (SAR)
Code SA (SAU)
Calling code +966
Internet TLD .sa

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Name of country in other languages

Czech Saúdská Arábie (Rijád)
English Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)
German Saudi-Arabien (Riad)
French Arabie saoudite (Riyad)
Italian Arabia Saudita (Riyād)
Spanish Arabia Saudita (Riad)
Russian Саудовская Аравия (Эр-Рияд)
Slovak Saudská Arábia (Rijád)
Polish Arabia Saudyjska (Rijad)
Portuguese Arábia Saudita (Riyadh)
Chinese 沙特阿拉伯 (利雅得)
Japanese サウジアラビア (リヤド)
Turkish Suudi Arabistan (Riyad)
Norwegian Saudi-Arabia (Riyadh)
Swedish Saudiarabien (Riyadh)
Hungarian Szaúd-Arábia (Rijád)
Dutch Saoedi-Arabië (Riyad)
Danish Saudi-Arabien (Riyadh)
Finnish Saudi-Arabia (Riad)
Hebrew ערב הסעודית (ריאד)