Currency: others

States using currency others

Flag Country Currency
Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan Afghan afghani
Flag of Albania Albania Albanian lek
Flag of Angola Angola Angolan kwanza
Flag of Armenia Armenia Armenian dram
Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladeshi taka
Flag of Bhutan Bhutan Bhutanese ngultrum
Flag of Bolivia Bolivia Bolivian boliviano
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
Flag of Botswana Botswana Botswana pula
Flag of Brazil Brazil Brazilian real
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgarian lev
Flag of Cambodia Cambodia Cambodian riel
Flag of Cape Verde Cape Verde Cape Verdean escudo
Flag of People's Republic of China The People's Republic of China Chinese renminbi yuan
Flag of Republic of China The Republic of China Chinese renminbi yuan
Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica Costa Rican colón
Flag of Croatia Croatia Croatian kuna
Flag of Eritrea Eritrea Eritrean nakfa
Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopian birr
Flag of Gambia The Gambia Gambian dalasi
Flag of Georgia Georgia Georgian lari
Flag of Ghana Ghana Ghanaian cedi
Flag of Guatemala Guatemala Guatemalan quetzal
Flag of Haiti Haiti Haitian gourde
Flag of Honduras Honduras Honduran lempira
Flag of Hungary Hungary Hungarian forint
Flag of Iceland Iceland Icelandic króna
Flag of Indonesia Indonesia Indonesian rupiah
Flag of Israel Israel Israeli new sheqel
Flag of Japan Japan Japanese yen
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Kazakhstani tenge
Flag of Laos Laos Lao kip
Flag of Lesotho Lesotho Lesotho loti
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Lithuanian litas
Flag of Macedonia Macedonia Macedonian denar
Flag of Madagascar Madagascar Malagasy ariary
Flag of Malaysia Malaysia Malaysian ringgit
Flag of Maldives Maldives Maldivian rufiyaa
Flag of Mauritania Mauritania Mauritanian ouguiya
Flag of Mongolia Mongolia Mongolian tögrög
Flag of Mozambique Mozambique Mozambican metical
Flag of Myanmar Myanmar Myanmar kyat
Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua Nicaraguan córdoba
Flag of Nigeria Nigeria Nigerian naira
Flag of Panama Panama Panamanian balboa
Flag of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinean kina
Flag of Paraguay Paraguay Paraguayan guaraní
Flag of Peru Peru Peruvian nuevo sol
Flag of Poland Poland Polish złoty
Flag of Samoa Samoa Samoan tala
Flag of Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome and Principe São Tomé and Príncipe dobra
Flag of Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Sierra Leonean leone
Flag of South Africa South Africa South African rand
Flag of Swaziland Swaziland Swazi lilangeni
Flag of Sweden Sweden Swedish krona
Flag of Tajikistan Tajikistan Tajikistani somoni
Flag of Thailand Thailand Thai baht
Flag of Tonga Tonga Tongan paʻanga
Flag of Turkey Turkey Turkish new lira
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Ukrainian hryvnia
Flag of Vanuatu Vanuatu Vanuatu vatu
Flag of Venezuela Venezuela Venezuelan bolívar
Flag of Vietnam Vietnam Vietnamese đồng